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weedeat like a muthafuka boy

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just a sexy boy

I'm going to get a new phone...haha i'm out of mountain dew, setting here trying to drink it like a mutafuka till i realize there isn't any even in the freaking glass.
I need new paint too.

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*and undertaker themesong NOW*

*wink* I didn't order a pipe and just get it mom...*wink* that's SO not what just came in the mail *wink* that's...uhh that's a part to my car..duhh what the hell did you think it was....god. yeah I'm not sure if she's just really dumb, or just doesn't give a shit anymore.

now I'm going to go smoke..tobacco only my goddamn ass...anyway today is monday which = raw which = I get to see what happens to McMahon after Orton totally rearranged his face. But i have to say WWE did a shity job on there web site with the "Mr. McMahon injury update" with
"The McMahon family has decided not to comment on the situation and has not returned our phone calls and emails regarding the incident "
considering..umm they are WWE this is as bout as lame as Hardy up in flames and Beth ending up 6ft and her tits growing 3times as big after they get hit by a car...yeahh

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.apparently im a bad influence but then you/your parents should of taught your kids/yourself to not copy my actions, so that's not my problem.
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YAY for Peyote Cactus!

I'm getting a 69' camaro ENVY ME. Also I'm at war with a squirrel, I'll probably shoot him and make dumplings mawhahaha. damn thing wont stop barking at me! let me tell you little bastard that's my tree, my land, my gun, and you'll soon to be my dinner IF YOU DON"T SHUT UP.

Anyway I want this (flipultra camcorder) & (this bong) cause it's spiky lmao. I need to clean out my iPod and put new music on it. fuck it tho i'm going to paint..something probably beavis and butthead

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(screw you man)

well more cell phone now. i have to go buy a new one. but i'm getting a treeing walker coonhound. it's named Calhoun. Yes I named it. STFU. later on i'm getting a bloodhound named Bocephus...ever since I was little I wanted a bloodhound named Bocephus. ohhh look at me jaa i was a little freakin redneck child okay f-u. I miss my bird was mixed pretty sure it was part brittany not sure about the other . Bobo...GOD that was a smart dog and pretty too. okay now i'mma go paint cause i'm not the hell did that go from cellphones to dogs...
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